Thursday, April 17, 2014

Great player, how to clear a table fast

So I had a guy today that I guess is my new "hero" at Blackjack. Back story he played at UTH with me the other day and we were talking, and he has the mindset that he does not care if he loses, he just wants to have fun, he is about 70-80 years old, farmer and all that, he says if he does not spend the money his kids will get it when he dies and he will do with it what he wants.
Today he was on my table at, he always buys in for 500 min and tips fairly well. He is having fun, staying on his 12 and 15s to my 10s but winning, he says he just goes with his gut feeling. A couple guys who are semi regular guys, pretty rude usually and never tip, smell of weed and I am sure are pharmaceutical reps on the street sit down and they really start to annoy this guy by making comments about his play style, one of the guys had bought in for 50 and the other 100. So out comes the hand, everyone had between 12/16 except the old guy who had a KQ to my 6 showing. Everyone stays while the old guy splits the KQ, draws a K and splits again, and again one more 10 and a split and he was playing $100/hand at this point. Guy ends up getting a bunch of crap like 14's and 15's, I turn a 4 and draw a 10 for 20, this older guy starts laughing, the other 2 guys who were making wise cracks earlier were really upset. One of the guys says something to him about how it cost him 50 bucks, the old guy looks at him and tells him that it cost him 400 and that he will spend it the way he wants. So what happens next, well, similar situation except the old guy has 2 hands, $250 on each hand after rebuying for $1000, draws 10's and splits again, everyone is amazed, shaking their heads while the older guy just laughs, the two annoying guys really are mad and the old guy is laughing, he stays on one, doubles on the other, loses the double while winning on the one he stayed on. Over all, to prove a point this guy lost nearly $1000, cleared the guys from the table, tipped me $100 and had a good laugh. The point he was trying to make was that its his money, he will play it like he wants, he is not there to win but to have some entertainment.
Just thought id share.

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