Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some players.....well, its all Karma

Day in and day out it seems that some players just never get the idea that they cannot win, they have a system, they have ideas, they know they will win, but in the end, all they end up is broke for the day at least, they end up mad, depressed and all that, and of course it is the dealers fault and so they never tip. This post is about one of those players.

I had a player recently, we will call him Fred. This was my first time seeing Fred and he seemed pleasant when he sat at my table and I started a decent conversation with him. We discussed everything from basic strategy to the weather and after about 20 minutes of him watching (on grave there is usually a few seats open) he buys in for $100. Fred starts playing and is winning, we are discussing this and he tells me all about his strategy for playing, that it is a guarantee and he cannot lose as long as he plays it. I just kind of smile and start asking him details of it, and then I ask him why he is not in the high limits room playing this strategy that is a guarantee to win, to which he replied that he was already there earlier and had lost about $3000. "I see" was all I could say with-out letting the smart ass remarks roll, I did ask him if he thought maybe the casino had a strategy and he said sure, but his was better.

This play goes on for about an hour, his $100 turns into $500 playing $15 a hand and at times pressing to $50, but never more. Its up and down but he is ahead and then it guessed it, he could not get a hand. Every hand I felt was either 20/21 and he just could not catch a break. He starts getting upset, cussing, pounding the table, he just does not know what happened, I had to have pushed a magic button below the table to change how the cards are coming out of the shoe (for the record, Iv yet to find a magical button). He loses, buys in for another $100 and gone in a heart beat. As he is doing this, another player named Carla (again a fake name to protect the privacy of my players) is playing, she is hitting some, losing some but she knows the game and is a regular on our shift. She throws a $5 chip for the crew, which although does not sound like much, it all adds up and on this night, she is the only one throwing money. She makes the statement "this is for you since nobody else at the table will tip". I love it when a player does that, Carla also understands since she was a dealer at another casino years ago, but anyways Fred decides to make the smart ass comment that dealers make to much for what they do and we don't deserve tips. I quickly interjected that we only make decent wages due to the generosity of our players, Fred was speechless and then buys in for another $200 to lose while Carla, on her $60 buy in is still playing. Fred decided he had enough and got up cussing, calling me tons of names and asking why Carla could win and he could not, of course my answer is it is the flow of the cards but Carla told him Karma, and that she is a bitch, I just died laughing and tend to agree. with her.

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