Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sex, Sex and more sex

This post goes back to around March of 2013 but I still have fond memories of this.

I was working night shift security at the casino at the time, it was a Friday night, normally I would be off but I was covering for someone else.

After our briefing I went up to the floor and was walking around just doing a normal foot patrol when I walk over by one of the bathrooms, it was a unisex restroom, one most would call a family restroom but we don't allow children in the casino so we will use the term Unisex. As I was walking by I heard what sounded like someone falling, so I knocked on the door and got not response and when I walked in, there was a couple butt naked looking at me in shock, and I am sure my look was even more in shock considering this couple had to be around 60 years old. I quickly asked them to put their clothes on and come outside the restroom. While waiting on them my manager came walking over and asked me what was going on, and when he seen the look on my face he asked me if I was alright or needed an EMT. I was fine but still in shock, not at the couple having sex but at the 60 year old couple having sex and leaving the door unlocked. I told him what we had just as they came walking out. The manager smiled huge and told them to have a nice night, but that if they wanted to have an awesome night they should leave and go get a room. We both told the older gentleman that we hoped we could have his stamina when we are his age, partly due to his comment that they were going to go home and finish what they started.

But the sex does not stop there. Its a busy Friday night and that is when the ladies of the night come out to play

So about 45 minutes after I saw the old couple going at it, I went outside to drive around the property. This was my favorite part of the job, I was able to work on my own, at my own pace and be as busy or not as busy as I would like to be. As I am driving, I pull onto the top floor of the parking garage which for a Friday had very few cars in it. As I am driving ever so slowly I see this guy climb into the back of a car which peaked my interest. After about 2 minutes I drive over and see this guy bouncing like a rabbit, but make and I see a foot in the window and another on one of the seats of the car. At this point, after following procedure and calling the "eye in the sky" I turned on the blue emergency light at which point the guy jumps up off her, butt naked hands in the air, thinking it was the police none the less. I approach the car and ask them to get dressed and step out. At that point the police came driving up, we did not call them but they have officers on site on the weekends and they wanted in on what was going on. The guy of course is as compliant as can be with both myself and the police but the girl wants to get loud and started trying to say we did not see a thing, they were just talking, had their clothes on and I was full of shit. You should have seen the look on her face when I told her that I beg to differ and that I don't think she realized she had an audience and was on candid camera. The police officers are really familiar with her as she works the area, is a known prostitute and had active warrants for the same. The "John" acted like they had been friends for years and that they were just getting busy in the heat of the moment but neither knew each others real name....true friends for sure.

And you think it stops, nope.

I won't post many details on this one but as I am driving back to the security office I get a call from survellance on the radio that they observed suspicious activity in the employee lot. I drive back and come up on the car in question where I find a couple of employees of the casino engaged in an oral disturbance, if that is what you want to call it. I quickly asked the gentleman to put his short comings away and let them know that the eye in the sky seen every move they made. After getting their info for the report I went inside. Oh, and the security manager was laughing and decided we did not need to do a report. Those two love birds are still employed with the property and no longer talk, he moved on and she ended up going back to her girlfriend.

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