Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hey everyone,
   Thank you for finding my new Blog. This blog will be used to share different stories I have from working in a casino and also just a general blog about casinos and customs like tipping and such. I have been in the business since 2012, started working in the security department and then to table games. A lot of the stories I will post will be nothing new to those in the profession and I do not expect to have an exciting blog as others I have seen, but I find this as a better way to write about what I see than to post on facebook or twitter, I can give a few more details and make it a bit more raw, plus this gives me a way to have an outlet to vent or laugh myself away.

  I will accept questions from anyone that has one, but I will not be giving my name, my location or anything else that will be used to identify where I work. I am sure it can be found out rather easily but I do not want to make it too easy.

  Thanks for reading and I hope you find some of the stories at least humorous.

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