Monday, March 3, 2014

Tips for a fun gambling trip

Gambling is suppose to be fun although it seems at the locals casinos, most people are there trying to make money and lose sight of the fact that the casino is not built to give money away, it is a for-profit business with the model that everything is in the houses favor. Having said that, I wanted to give some advice on how to make your trip fun even if not winning, I will also offer some etiquette for table games.


1. Remember, gambling is suppose to be fun. If your not having fun, it is time to go. Remember, if you go to any other entertainment establishment you typically wind up leaving with less money than you brought, the casino is typically the same. 

2. Do not gamble more than you can afford to lose. Never bet your rent money, your babies new shoe money or grocery money. If you cannot afford to lose it, do not even bring it. Leave your debit/credit card at home as well/ 

3. Learn the proper table etiquette. Do not use your phone at the table, do not ever hand anything to the dealer directly but instead lay it down on the table, Do not take photos, do not walk away from the table while the game is going on. Expect the dealer to follow your hand signals, not your verbal commands. If you signal for a hit on blackjack while telling the dealer to stay, either your dealer will ask which you want and demand a proper hand signal, or the dealer is just going to give you the card. Dealers are trained to follow hand signals as that is all the cameras have to go by and if there isa dispute they can review the tapes, the hand signal will be the deciding factor in those disputes. If it is mid shoe, ask the other players if they mind if you join in at a table. You should not criticize another players way of playing. Just because the book says do X, its their money and if they want to do Y, then let them, and don't expect the dealer to referee the dispute if your unhappy with another player, we are all adults and should act like it.  

4. Do not blame the dealers if the cards are not coming in your favor. 99% of the time the cards are shuffled buy a machine and the dealer is just dealing the cards as they come, they do not control the cards and therefore should not be to blame if it is not your day. Remember, if your losing at one table, you can try another table if it is really bad, it just may not be your day. 

5. Engage the dealer in conversation. Most dealers are social and enjoy talking. Iv had conversations about every subject under the sun and nothing you tell me will surprise me. Most dealers are more than willing to talk, joke around and just have fun with you, but if you become insulting or abusive, either the dealer will shut down and just deal, or will give it back to you. I am sure you would not like it if I came to your place of business and started berating you or wishing your death, us dealers appreciate the same.

6. Know your limits. Not just with the money but with alcohol. I know some properties will let you get totally smashed, ours will remove you from the property, usually in a cab unless you have a sober driver, and that cab ride is at your expense. 

7. Tip your dealer. Dealers are paid next to nothing from the casino and rely on tips for their income. I hear a lot of times that people do not know they are suppose to tip the dealer or they say they will only tip if winning. There is a lot of theory on tipping and I will be writing an entry about just that subject soon. Just know that tipping is appreciated and your dealer will be more friendly and also look out for you if your making a bad play if your tipping. 

8. If you are at a game and do not know what you should do, ask! The outcome may not be in your favor but typically your odds increase if you play the basic strategy of a game. Remember, the odds always favor the house. 

9. Side bets: They are not a good idea. Yes, the pay outs are good but as a general rule, if the casino offers it as a bet, it si not good for you. 

10. HAVE FUN, that should be why your there. If your not having fun, you should look for something else to do. If your unhappy it will spread and bring others down, but if you are in a good mood your positive energy will also be contagious. A lot of times players can make or break a dealers day just by their over all attitude. 

If you have anything to add, please comment below. 

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