Sunday, March 2, 2014

She was driving us nuts

So yesterday I was running relief and one of my tables was a $10 blackjack table. Girl sitting on third base seemed high to start and was really annoying. I go around the table and everyone including her bust out. Afterwards a new player came up and I did the buy in, then this girl ask me what happened to her money, I told her the only money I touched was her losing bet. She then says she did not lose but that she won and that I took her money and she wanted it back, I called the floor who then called surveillance for a review, of course it came back she lost the hand, we took her bet and no other bets or money was taken after that point before the buy in. Five minutes later she tries it again and again the review shows we did not take anything other than the bet she lost. At this point the floor and myself are all but annoyed with her as I am sure survelliance is as well. Finally the original dealer comes back and this girl has the nerve to tell me that I stole her money and was unprofessional, at which point the floor kinda rudely (and she deserved it) told her that nobody stole her money, she lost her money and that is the nature of gambling.

For me it stops there, but next break I am in the EDR (Employee dining room) and one of the other dealers is telling me all about a girl who seemed cracked out trying to take shots, saying that this other dealer took her money and they had to called a couple times for review, only to find out she was lying. We compared notes and decided it had to be the same girl. Come to find out, this same girl tried it a week or so ago with another dealer.

Funny thing, this girl kept saying "I am watching the table, I know whats going on, I know everything about this" to which I WANTED to say "The cameras are watching you, they know everything about you..." But of course I did not. The same girl also claims to know everything about Blackjack but did not know not to hit a 15 to my 6 or that she should split 8's to my 7. Interesting people we have in our neck of the woods. 

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